6th Grade Trip

First one to drop her bags off - a little excited to go!!!

First one to drop her bags off – a little excited to go!!!

In 6th grade all of the kids at my children’s school go to Walcamp. Its a 3 night outdoor adventure type camp. Quite frankly, it’s the closest my kids will come to camping (until they can pack and drive themselves).

Carly left this morning for camp and will be back home on Friday. She is an experienced “camper” as she has spent the last 4 summers attending a gymnastics camp in Tennessee. She packed herself (pretty much) – tried to steal my lotion, but I caught her before she left. She tried to cram a 4 foot big stuffed tiger into her bag – which I bet her 5.00 wouldn’t fit…guess who won!! Other than that, I trust that she packed all of the necessary items for her 4 days at camp. If there is anything she forgot, I believe that she will not tell me – and will make due without.

After breakfast – she put her stuff in the back of the car, I drove her to school. As the mom, I took the obligatory picture (she smiled a real smile) gave her a hug and she was off. I didn’t feel sad or worried or any of the other things a mom is “supposed to” feel when their kids are away. I thought maybe there is something wrong with me…I’m not an outwardly emotional person.

(After I wrote this and reread, I was feeling bad about the words and thought that Carly may be sad if she ever read this…which is not my intent at all.
So, please know that this lack of sadness/emotion is not exclusive to Carly. I felt the same way (or didn’t feel) when I dropped Cohen and Caroline off at their respective camps this summer – just didn’t have time to write about it then!)

I have absolutely no reservations or worries about her going. I think she will have a wonderful time and make lifelong memories with her friends – classmates – teachers.

This leads me to believe these 3 things.

1 – I have raised her to be an independent girl (pre-teen) and I am comfortable with the decisions she makes while she is not with me.

2 – I know she s surrounded by kids most of whom have known her since kindergarten and teachers who will watch out for her and care for her. (and likely “tell on her” for any wrongdoing).

3 – She’s the middle child, my second kid to go to Walcamp.

It is most likely a combination of the 3 – depending on the day…and her attitude.

I do have faith that she makes good choices – I know she is strong (sometimes too much) – I know she cares deeply.

This will be an incredible trip for her. She will have an experience that will be NOTHING like the experience Cohen had only 2 years ago.

My prayer is that she grow in faith, grow in friendships and to grow confidence in herself.

I wish for good weather – lots of fun and shenanigans – learning – and keeping her braces clean!!

Friday will be here before I know it – I will have patience until she comes home – and the washing machine ready!!!


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