A Disney Kid’s First Trip


I love Disney…everything about it!   That might be a slight understatement.


My kids have had no choice but to love it too!


My first trip to DisneyWorld was when I was close to 6 months old…so, I can blame my parents for this obsession I have.  My memories from that trip are only what I have seen in pictures.


The picture that stands out to me most of all is one of my mom holding me, while my dad (I am assuming he was the one taking the picture) tried to get a picture with me and Dopey from the 7 dwarfs.  I am clearly trying to escape my mothers grasp and get as far away from this purple hatted character.  I will write more about it as soon as I can find that picture.


I thought a good “first post” would be of a “first time”.


Cohen’s first Disney picture was the inspiration for this post.  I worked really hard that first trip to make sure he had a great first picture, much in contrast to mine.  It was even better after Tom worked his Photoshop magic.  So nice in fact, the picture was our Christmas card picture that year…2006.


We took Cohen to DisneyWorld for the first time when he was 20 months old.  By “we”, I mean my mom and I.


The whole trip happened in a strange sequence of events…my friend Angie and I had somewhat talked about it in passing (she too loves Disney).  I didn’t think too much of it, then I get a phone call from her. That phone call was the beginning of my (adult) Disney obsession.


She said, “We are in!”  The “we” she meant was herself and her oldest son Gavin who had just turned 5.


She was the Disney expert and planned much of the trip.  We stayed in the FortWilderness cabins, rented a golf cart, and made dinners in the cabin.


Our flight cost $49.00 each way and even though Cohen was under 2, and could have flown (on my lap) for free, I bought him a ticket.  We left on a Saturday morning, arrived in Orlando at nap time, stayed 2 full days and flew home on a Tuesday.  We were home in time for naps.


The visit was in early December and the Christmas decorations were up.


We only spent one day in the parks.  We visited the MagicKingdom and spent the rest of the time riding on the boats and monorail.  We visited the hotels to see the beautiful Christmas decorations.  We souvenir shopped and just enjoyed being there with Cohen.


I was pregnant with Carly so I wasn’t sure he would have another solo Disney trip.


This trip was really special to me.  His first Disney everything!  He will remember what I show him in the pictures!


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