First one to drop her bags off - a little excited to go!!!
In 6th grade all of the kids at my children’s school go to Walcamp. Its a 3 night outdoor adventure type camp. Quite frankly, it’s the closest my kids will come to camping (until they can pack and drive themselves). Carly left this morning for camp and will be back […]

6th Grade Trip

It is a Thursday afternoon that I won’t soon forget.   Cohen’s 6th grade English teacher, Katie Kloess, was killed in a car accident on her way to coach a basketball game.  She was killed at the intersection at the end of our street.  An intersection I go through 8, […]


  Congratulations to the 2016 – World Series Champions Chicago Cubs!  From a non baseball loving girl who is kind of a White Sox fan.   I have a love hate relationship with baseball – I love that this team has brought the city together and taken the attention away […]

Congratulations 2016 Chicago Cubs

    As she stood at the kitchen counter last night crying over a homework sheet I realized just how far she’s come. Last year these tears would have been just another typical night with Caroline, but last nights tears weren’t typical – not anymore.  This girl has grown so […]

Changing Times