Heading to the London Eye
July 31 – Day 5   We stayed near Heathrow Airport, so we weren’t too close to central London.  After our first night there we headed off to our third friendly game.  This game was located at a pitch on the grounds of a private school in Berkhamsted.  A few […]

Adventures in London

England 2016 - soccer 134
It is so hard for me to remember what I did earlier today, I need to remember to write things down. As it is I am nearly 2 months late with this blog post…where does the time go? Cohen tried out in November and was asked to play on a […]

Across the Pond – Part 1

November Pictures Disney 042
Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. John F. Kennedy Change is never easy. I think change is most difficult for adults. It’s harder still for adults to watch their children go through changes. In […]

Change is coming.

Disneyland 2016 - Giesekes 014
Disneyland 2016 Top 10 – in no particular order The Limo ride from school – We booked a limo to drive us from Marengo to Midway. As we considered the timing it was decided that we should have the limo pick the kids up from school. As we arrived to […]

When is the Next Trip?