Bits of Brandmeier 3


Stumbled on these old bit files again… thought I would repost them.

They are from various eras of the Jonathon Brandmeier Radio Program.




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3 thoughts on “Bits of Brandmeier

  • Bosh

    Been looking at these for years! Looks like all of the clips that used to be on the Radio Showgram fan-page. Glad someone saved these. I’d even emailed Johnny B & Jim Volkman about putting the Walken clips out.

  • Erik

    Thank you so much for posting these! I used to listen to the showgram on 97.1 in LA everyday right after Stern. I was so sad when the show stopped. I cant find anything else on the show. Is there a way to hear all the showgram archives? Im miss JB,pirahna man,cumswalla and his aunt Marsha etc. Who killed Mr. Cloogey?
    RIP Tracy Miller.