Congratulations 2016 Chicago Cubs


Congratulations to the 2016 – World Series Champions Chicago Cubs!  From a non baseball loving girl who is kind of a White Sox fan.


I have a love hate relationship with baseball – I love that this team has brought the city together and taken the attention away from politics, I love how proud our city is and how people actually seem a little nicer…I hate long innings, rain delays, pitcher changes…meetings on the pitchers mound…really anything that, makes an already long game even longer, though I guess you get more of your monies worth the longer the game takes.


I will be the first to admit that I am not a baseball fan. For me, it’s a slow moving, kind of boring game.  I like a sport that has a time limit, its nice to know how long things will take, the planner in me needs that!  That’s not to say I hate baseball, I’ve been to a few games I’ve watched some on TV, I might even have a team shirt and hat in my closet.   Ballparks are fun to be at and the energy from the crowd makes it more exciting.


If asked which Chicago team I like better, I always say the Sox.  I grew up in the south suburbs where most of my friends and their families were Sox fans.  I guess it was easier to be Sox fan – it was easier to get to Comiskey Park and a lot easier to get free tickets to the Sox games.   I feel like the White Sox are considered the underdog, and who doesn’t like to root for the underdog?!?  It is way cooler to say you are from the “southside” than “up north”.


I have moved to the FAR northwest and am now surrounded by Cubs fans. I couldn’t help but to be swept up in the excitement of the World Series and all the fanfare that came along with it.  While I watched a few games of the series (in their entirety) I loved hearing the stories about the players and how they ended up in Chicago – and how these players are like a family…you know the Hallmark movie, personal interest stuff.


I think my disinterest in baseball can be traced back to growing up. As a kid, my brother and I were required to play outside from 10:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon.  This is not an exaggeration, 10:00-3:00…all day long required to be outside.  I’m not sure we even ate lunch (I’m sure we did – some pb&j on white bread I’d guess).Funny thing, I don’t remember what happened if it rained, maybe it never did.  It is possible that my mom just told the clouds to hold off on the rain until 3:00, and they listened.


I have such vivid memories of this – bringing my Barbie townhouse on to the front porch to play, so that I would be following the outside rule, blocking the dead end part of our street with our bikes so the neighbor kids and I could have a “block party”. I don’t remember complaining even though I am sure I did.


And when it was finally 3:00 my mom would let us go inside and watch TV. We didn’t have cable so we were left with channels 2, 5, 7, 9 and a fuzzy 32.  Channel 9 showed all of the cartoons and we couldn’t wait to get in and turn it on…too many times though, our cartoons would not be on, any guesses why?  You guessed it, baseball – long, boring, slow, 9 inning baseball…that may have been the exact reason I started to resent baseball.  How could it possibly be more important than cartoons that I had been waiting 5 long hours to watch? Darn you baseball!


So our choices were to watch baseball – or go back outside. I remember even hoping for a rain delay, because surely they would play the cartoons during a rain delay – nope, they just showed people talking about baseball, which may be more boring that the actual game…I would make sure I knew what inning it was and decide if I could wait it out before dragging my Barbie townhouse back onto the porch.


How fortunate my kids are today – a zillion channels to watch…nothing getting interrupted for baseball or much of anything else for that matter. My kids are free to choose the sports and the teams they cheer for you know the “old fashioned” way – whatever their friends at school like.  “Go Packers”…ha ha!!


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