How Cold Is Too Cold?

This is a picture from our trip in December 2010. Cohen was 5 and Carly was 3. We visited Disney before Christmas. Caroline was still taking 2 naps a day and my Disney rule is that kids need to be down to 1 nap before their first trip to visit the mouse. She stayed home with Tom.

My mom, Cohen, Carly and I went down to FL. My friend Angie and her family were there at the same time so we spent some time with them too…

This trip was somewhat significant because Carly had finally reached the “magical” 40 inches. That means she was FINALLY tall enough to ride on the mountain rides; space, big thunder and splash.

This picture might not seem too note worthy to the “naked” Disney eye. It is one of my favorite memories (I have A LOT of favorite memories).

If you look closely at the picture, we are in a log type ride car. Those who have been to Disney might recognize it as the log from Splash Mountain. It is.

Looking closer at the picture you will note we are wearing winter type clothes. Even I am wearing a hat! We brought all of our winter gear to Florida this trip because they were experiencing unseasonably cold (not cool…COLD) temperatures that December. The lows at night were far below freezing. The temperatures were so low that they had to cover the plants. See picture.

Snow and Disney Dec 2010 098

This picture is of the 4 of us riding Splash Mountain after the Spectromagic nighttime parade. The picture appears a tad dark because it was taken after 8:00 pm. There we are, in all of our winter gear, riding the one water ride in the Magic Kingdom.

I believe even Cohen had fleece lined pants on (thanks Angie). It was cold and we were the ONLY ones in line. Imagine that, no one else wanted to freeze on a water ride when it was only in the 20’s outside.

It was the first time Carly was tall enough to ride and I wasn’t going to let a little cold weather get in the way of her riding with me!

At Disneyworld (as with any theme park) there are height restrictions. So when the taller kids get to ride, one of the adults has to stay with the “too short” kids. When they are finally tall enough, they get to pick their adult riding partner. Mom never gets picked. Daddy and Grandma usually get the honor of first ride.

This trip, we had no kids under 40 inches so Mommy got to ride all of the “first time rides” with Carly!

There was no one in line and I asked the cast member to snap this picture of us. They held the ride and happily obliged. They were probably happy to have something to do instead of sending empty cars onto the ride!

We were able to ride several times without getting off…

I was pretty sure DCFS would later use this picture as evidence of child abuse!


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