Kid-less at Disney?

Once a year I take a “mommy trip” to Disneyworld. What? Go to Disney without the kids? How could that possibly be fun? Mommy Trip 2010 002

There are a few things you have to do before embarking on such a trip…

You have to find a friend as Disney crazy as you are…mine might be crazier than I am.
Convince yourself that you deserve a weekend away.
Set up the babysitting schedule. Mine involves 2 grandmas over the 4 days.
Ignore all of your husband’s protests…he will reach the acceptance stage eventually!

My mommy trip began in the Spring of 2006. Cohen was only 1; Carly and Caroline have never known life without the mommy trip. This year will be our 7th year!

The trip has evolved from a 3 night budget trip in the spring staying at the Swan Hotel to 4 nights in the fall at the Boardwalk with a ½ marathon thrown in there (we decided 3 nights was the best amount of time).

It helps a little that we both have a fall birthday; it gives us more reasons to celebrate.

I have had the opportunity to experience Disney at a different pace and level that when I travel with the kids.

We have stayed in 5 different hotels: Swan, Port Orleans (twice), Coronado Springs, Beach Club and our favorite Boardwalk (that is this year’s destination too).

Visited while 2 different Festivals were going on: Flower and Garden (spring) and Food and Wine (fall). Did you know you can join a drinking team while at Epcot? They have shirts!

Attended 3 different after hours parties at the Magic Kingdom: Pirate and Princess Party, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (my favorite), and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Mommy Trip 2010 032
Halloween Party

Mommy Trip 2010 051
Where is the candy??  And, check out the glow in the dark hair gel!


2012 Mommy Trip Nov. 9-13 112
Christmas Party.


Run in 2 different run Disney events: Minnie’s Marathon weekend (5K) and the Wine and Dine ½ Marathon (this will be our 3rd year running).

Cows in Yard and Mommy Trip 2011 037
We snuck my slow-ness into coral A!


We have been escorted out of Epcot, sort of by accident…how many people can say that have seen the inferno burn off on the barge?

We have seen all 3 fireworks shows (Fantasmic, Illuminations and Wishes…in that order) in 1 night, this was a fun logistical challenge for us! It involved walking…running through a few hotels (maybe a boat) and a bus, but we made it! …even though I had to stop in the Swan Hotel to go to the bathroom.

We have ridden the Tower of Terror and been in the Haunted Mansion with no other guests. This only happens VERY early in the morning, think 2 AM. One of us has ridden Malestrom alone…while the other was lying on a bench, sick!

Cows in Yard and Mommy Trip 2011 073
Is it scarier alone…???

It is because of this reoccurring illness (see above) that we know where ALL of the bathrooms (and garbage cans) are in Epcot!! We quickly learned that gift shop bags can be used as barf bags as a last resort!

We have more funny memories that I can count and WAY more that I can share!

How long would you stare at your friend…to get a funny picture??

A huge thank you to my mommy trip partner in crime. Without whom I would never know how to use annual passes to get extra Fastpasses.


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