Our Kids

Today I was sent on a mission to find some old pictures of Cohen when he was a baby. Since Cohen was born, I think we have had at least 4 computers that we have stored pictures on. Needless to say, it was a hunt to find what we were […]

Videos from the past

Yep… another video of Carly dancing, except this time it isn’t Disney music she is dancing to. Thank the Lord. Carly asked me to play this song over and over tonight as she danced in her Halloween costume… made me feel like I was in the parking lot before a […]

Future Phan?

Babies are so fun to watch as they learn new skills. Today Caroline discovered how to clap, and was triggered to do it when Cohen cheered her on. So funny… She also found the trampoline, and, as you can see in the second video, the wrong way to dismount a […]

Cheerleader in training