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BKS Kart - Gophur
I am looking for the history of Bob’s Kart Shop (BKS Karts). Reply to this post with any information. Here are some videos and pictures of the two karts I have right now… one restored and one not yet restored. (3492)

BKS Fun Kart

I will admit it… I am crazy. When it comes to winning I always want to be in first place. So when Cohen joined cub scouts and I had the chance to build a pinewood derby car with him, I immediately went into win mode. From the beginning I have […]

Managing expectations.

As most of you know, I am NOT a fan of Disney Parks… everytime the subject is broached my wallet starts to squirm. The rest of my family loves that place, so I humor them and tag along to watch their “magical moments”. One such magical moment took place this […]

Magical Moment Interupted.