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6 thoughts on “Yazoo

  • Dennis Smyth

    My neighbor just found one in an old garage he was cleaning and I did some Internet searching just to learn more about this unusual mower! Thanks for your help!

  • Jerry Holland

    just got a 1950 yazoo master mower that needs a main deck belt. can only find a patent # 2505377. no idea where to go from here. please help! thank u

    • tmusschoot Post author


      Finding parts for these machines is getting tough. As the models vary, I do not know exactly the belt you might need. I have found some success searching ebay. A manual is attached to this page which may help you.

  • Mary Furlow

    I have always wondered why he named the mowers “Yazoo”. I’m from Yazoo City, MS, which is about an hour north of Jackson, MS. Did he name it for Yazoo City? Just curious. Thanks!!

  • Wayne Odom

    Someone gave me a Yazoo Master Mower 60 with the Kohler Magnum 20. They thought it wouldn’t run anymore so I cleaned the carburetor, fixed the wiring to the starter and the thing runs like a champ. Pretty awesome machine!